The Ultimate Guide to your Pre Wedding Shoot

Anyone getting married wants to have some memories to look back at and remember their special day. Having good wedding photography leaves them something to cherish one of the most important days of their lives. For having some great pictures, there is a lot more required than a photographer.

Also, pre-wedding photography in Kolkata sounds pretty great and are an amazing medium to have a great time and bond over together. It seems impossible to replicate the trends that are going on in the world, but with this guide, we’ve got you covered! Here are a few tips to make your pre-wedding memorable.

Select A Theme

What seems like a very narrow prospect is rather very wise when you look into it. Pre-wedding shoots include different kinds of themes, and these keep on changing on a time-to-time basis. The themes that are the most loved for wedding photography before the D-Day currently are:

  • Vintage duke and duchess-style photographs where you look like the royal family.
  •   Adventurous and between forests, mountains, and lakes, showing your love for fun.
  •   Silhouettes highlighting only the couple’s posture in the low-light, emotional and romantic. 
  •   Dreamy with an imaginary, cloudy background to highlight the romance between the two.
  •   Dramatic with a high-vibe to highlight the over-the-top lifestyle of you and your partner.

Enjoy It & Have Fun

At times the couple gets nervous and is afraid of posing, thinking what would it look like. But that is something that shouldn’t be happening! Relax, take a deep breath, and know this is the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with. Enjoy the affection and moment with these poses:

  •   Bold & Beautiful, like a picture that is meant to look like you both.
  •   Love and laughter, highlighting what you feel for each other.
  •   Humorous and funky, just like what your craziness depicts.
  •   The movie style, where the people go ‘aww’ seeing the couple. 

Go For Props

As much as people don’t like props, they are rather very much fun and interesting. Go for a classic candlelight dinner setting or even a poolside beachy party hour; anything that depicts you two, show it. Several couples love going for these props whilst getting their shoot done:

  • Flowers, have it as a bouquet, spread it around, or have it slightly thrown over you.
  •   Small boards and tags with ‘he’s mine’, ‘she’s mine’, or something like that written over it. 
  •   Cushions, a small floor bedding, and frames behind that elevate the posing level.

Forget There Is A Camera

What makes the photoshoot slightly dull is that the couple is highly conscious of what the camera sees. Don’t do that, but rather live the moment with your partner. Have great talks, show a lovely moment of affection, let the camera capture the chemistry between you two.

The stressing won’t make any sense; you’re posing to celebrate your love, not getting yourself clicked for a movie. Enjoy every bit of the time; you won’t be living the beautiful courtship period again.


Your wedding day matters a lot to you, have the wedding photography that, when you take a look back at, refreshes all your memories. Create great times during pre-wedding shoots so that you remember it for the bond you share, for the moment you lived! Hire a photographer and live your courtship now! If you are looking for pre-wedding photography in Kolkata, is the one-stop solution for all your memorable wedding.