Essential Wedding Photography Accessories For Better Images

Capturing the raw and tangible emotions in a wedding, from the bride’s enchanting smile with mysterious disdain to the ecstatic people on the dance floor, is no easy feat. Wedding photography is the conclusive test of the skills of a photographer. Photography accessories can make the job easier and your shots better.

Photographers can never have enough of these stylish and smart accessories. For many of the best wedding photographers in Kolkata, these accessories become so significant that they can not do without them. So, let’s look at some of the best accessories that you should buy now for wedding photography.

1 – Camera Harness, Lens Drop In Pouches

One of the most useful things in the list of accessories of a photographer is a camera harness. Photographers often carry a lot of gears with them. The harness is pretty flexible, and you can add or change pouches depending on the equipment you need to carry.

It organises your gears into different pouches and comes equipped with a drop-in lens case so that you can easily get the gear that you need or instantly change lenses! Further, as the harness enables even distribution of weight, it is a must-have in every wedding photographer’s gear set!

2 – Flash Bracket

Do you hate those shadows that come with the flash? Usually, this can ruin an otherwise beautiful picture. This is where a flash bracket comes to your rescue!

A flash bracket accessory creates awesome pictures by fixing basic issues and saving you a lot of time. It hides the shadows that can ruin the appeal of a wedding picture. The photos look magnificent, natural and much less flat. Thus it deserves a place in the photographer’s gear bag.

3 – Polarizing Filter

During photography, there are often many people on the scene, and you need to focus specifically on your subject. Polarising filters can help you with the task. These accessories regulate the amount of reflected light which enables you to focus on a specific point. Not only that, but polarising filters can make your colours pop out, appearing brighter, which is often preferred in wedding photography.

4 – Reflector

While there is no dearth of good lightning in a wedding setting, most of the time, the reflector can make the photos even brighter and more glamorous. The best wedding photographers in Kolkata are seen using these inexpensive accessories that reflect wedding light from the surroundings and generate photographs with balanced brightness and lightning.

5 – High Quality Editor

Editing software helps to finish your photo and bring out the best of your work. After all that hard work, you want to make sure to leave no stone unturned to impress your customer. No matter how many excellent photographs you take, editing software can help you fix many issues and enhance the beauty of your photograph resulting in the most magnificent work!


So, these are some of the valuable accessories used by the best wedding photographers in Kolkata. Wedding photography is not simple, but with some great accessories, it can be made a little bit easier. For more tips and tricks for your wedding photography, you can visit with your queries.