Must Have Shots To Click During Your Wedding Celebrations

Must Have Shots To Click During Your Wedding Celebrations

For every bride, the most important aspect of their wedding is to get a picture-perfect wedding photoshoot. Nothing can create great memories other than photographs. The moment can go away in a flash, but years from now, when you turn the pages of your wedding album, you will recall the days. 

Weddings are nothing more than a fairytale. So, when you are about to tie the knot, you must have planned everything ahead of time. Your checklist must include – how you are going to pose, what should be the theme, etc. Every photograph must be bewitching.

Your wedding should symbolize love and romance, filled with a sage of emotions. And, it is never about being OTT; rather, it is more about capturing the chemistry and the connection that the couple share.

So, bookmark these trending wedding photoshoot ideas that will add magic to every photograph to cherish forever:

Getting ready on the Big day

When you are getting ready for the wedding, you are filled with excitement and jitters, but at the same time, a gush of memories entraps you – Wedding photographers should capture this blissful moment.

Spending time with friends and family

Having fun with your cousins, sharing lame jokes with friends – All these are going to be part of your wedding diary when you look upon your photos after a few years. You can ask everyone to wear coordinated color clothes for the morning ceremonies.

Capture the transformation

A gradual transformation of becoming a bride or groom is precious. Hire an experienced photographer to capture all the detailing or arrange them frame by frame. You can blend your opinion- Getting a shot of your designer lehenga, expensive jewelry, your braided hair and makeup. The most favored is the adjusting “nath” or nose pin photo. 

Right before the rituals

Imagine – You are in your bridal attire catching up with your parents and friends. This initiates a gush of emotions that must be framed. But, above all, it is time to enjoy all the limelight. Try a few aesthetic poses in single frames – Twirl your lehenga or give a mehendi pose. 

During the wedding

The photographer should not miss a single frame because this is where the main story begins—starting from parents’ excitement, friends enjoying fun frolic, the decor, the bride surrounded by bridesmaids and the groom along with his groomsmen. Every moment is going to be a treasured memory.

The first sight

Enjoy your dream wedding – You be the princess, and your partner will be the prince, and all you have to do is say “Yes”. The arrival of the groom at the bride’s place. His first reaction after seeing his “to-be-wife”. All these moments impart an alluring effect.

Begins the ceremonies

The groom is welcomed by the bride’s family, exchanging garlands during the wedding, putting vermilion on the bride’s forehead, the “pheras”, and “vidaai” – The photographer must capture all these priceless moments.

After the ceremony

Well, the wedding may have come to an end, but not the photographs – it is the moment for some cheesy PDA poses. Trust us; these are not at all cliche, rather romantic and cute. A few couples portraits – holding hands, a forehead kiss, and sharing a laugh. Finally, a “happily ever after” shot will complete the checklist.


Above all, it is your moment, and you need to seize it all. Every event may feel like levitating. So, be You, be genuine and enjoy your wedding. Hire the best wedding photographers at  to curate these moments and turn them into a treasured keepsake.