Latest Ideas for your 2022 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot that are not clichè

Latest Ideas for your 2022 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot that are not clichè

Indian wedding photography lures a mess of inspiration from Bollywood movies. But, if that sounds clichè to you, we have the coolest idea trending in 2022. 


Photographs are timeless, but there is an upsurge in social media posts in this age of millennials. When it is about flaunting your love story, you must keep your photographs Insta ready. So, what is the best way to share your essence of love? A pre-wedding photoshoot.


Couples are enjoying the concept of pre-wedding and leaving no stones unturned to get the perfect pose. Beach has been a personal favorite of couples and the ideal place to raise the toast before you get hitched. Other than this, a snowy landscape and vibrant dresses have the ability to render phenomenal results. But, let’s try something more innovative.

So, buckle up and be ready to explore the countless options when it comes to pre-wedding photography.


Straight from a movie scene

If you are a big fan of Bollywood or Hollywood and love melodrama, let it reflect on your photographs. Pick your favorite scene and recreate it. You can go for iconic scenes from those movies and don’t shy away from adding a tiny pinch of drama. 

Pets can increase the love quotient

If you have a pet in your life who is more than your family, then include them in your pre-wedding photoshoots as well. It will be fun, and the presence of a furry buddy is bound to be the cherry on the top. This concept is indeed cute and romantic at the same time.

Try out miniatures

Do you want something out of the box? It is not just trending in your town but also on Insta. Besides being adorable, it is also a unique idea for the pre-wedding album. You can tell your story in miniatures, and try including probably a miniature car or the cafe you first met.

Opt for theme photoshoots

What about a picnic theme? The idea is unique as well as fresh. Take along a picnic basket, add some wine, or maybe a rainbow-cloured umbrella. Imagine a white sheet, spread on green grass, with lavender pillows around, and you two gazing into each other’s eyes. Sounds romantic? Go for it.

Activities that you love doing

If you are one of those couples who love to cook together, then you can use the idea for your pre-wedding photoshoots. Baking a cake together and enacting a few playful scenes are sure to add the oomph in all your pictures. If you both are gym freaks, then let the photoshoots portray something sporty. 

Steamy intimate shoot

Do you believe in being bold and beautiful? Then, a little PDA won’t go wrong. If you are comfortable about it, then show it off. You can try something more than just holding hands. Raise the bar with some sizzling and seductive pictures.

Nature can do wonders

It is time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city into nature. Nothing can be more picturesque than an offbeat place or a trek or a hike through the forest. Nature requires no filter, and it adds a beauty that props cannot. Moreover, you are bound to cherish these moments forever.

Being Natural is the Key element

These are more than 100+ themes that can pop right out of your fantasy. You can make it quirky, fun or something natural. But, the entire planning should be based on your true love story, budget and personality. Discuss your ideas with your photographer, and they can add a spark through their creativity. We would advise you not to keep your dress too flashy or add too many elements at one time.

It is time to explore the part of wedding photography that has been ignored for years. Photography has unbelievable power, so choose your photographer wisely. At you can get the best professional pre-wedding photographers whose work has been spreading wonders.