Your Checklist on How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Your Checklist on How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

A wedding holds the most precious and timeless moments. Yet, assembling all the priorities and going through the arrangements can be quite stressful. On top of that, the pressure of hiring the best wedding photographer can be just an add-on.

Indian weddings are usually regarded as big fat weddings, with a lot of colors and a streaming budget. But, this is where the most tricky part begins. If you have already spent a lot shopping, you must settle for less and find a photographer who fits your budget.  

But, why compromise!!!

Take it from the experts – While planning the budget, always keep the money you need to spend on the best wedding photographer aside. Give priority to quality and clarity over acquaintances. Because once the moment is lost, you cannot recreate it again.

It’s Time for Your Wedding Homework

In 2022, with the revelation of online platforms for photography, you can get access to innumerable affordable professional photographers. Hire a person who marvels at photography. 

To make your task seamless, here’s a checklist for you:

Go through the portfolio

While shortlisting the best photographer, you must go through the reviews and the portfolio. Hire the one who is dependable, trustworthy and above all experienced. You can also look for the one who holds a professional degree. Ask them to share their recent work, and a little stalking of their Facebook page or Instagram account won’t be unwholesome.

Identify the style

Millennials look for cute yet romantic, traditional yet a mix of fusion in their wedding photos. So, if you are looking for a contemporary photographer, you must get to know specific terminologies such as – wedding photographer, fine art wedding photographer, candid photographer, etc. Choose the style that resembles your imagination or the one you can relate to. Keep it simple yet vibrant.

Values every ceremony 

Bad pictures or poses are part of photography, but it is the duty of the photographer to correct them. Be it a wedding or sangeet, there must be a strict consistency in every picture. Every event is important, and so the photographer must treasure them equally. 

Get to know their personality

Before hiring any photographer, get to know them and interact with them. Remember, it is their responsibility to create a fabulous pictorial memory diary. You and your close ones will spend the wedding with a team of unknown photographers. So, everybody must be at ease and feel comfortable. The team must be friendly, well-behaved and dedicated to their work.

Communication is the key

Take a minute note when talking to the photographer via call or email. Do you like their way of communicating? Are they able to clear your doubts? Are they able to provide you with unique ideas that match your taste and personality? Always trust your vibe.

Evaluate the references

Everybody has a unique style and prerequisite. The wedding photographer that your friend finds awesome might not match your idea. So, do not just hop on with the references. Always go for the one who has a balanced working schedule and creative working format. Acquaintances can seem reliable, but will they be able to keep up with your idea of wedding photographs – ThinK!

Choose the right budget

An extravagant budget does not imply that the photographer can impart a better style. And, if you are budget conscious, then ask yourself how much you are willing to spend on wedding photographers. You can find a vast array of pricing from the photographers, but specialization matters.

Never shy away from asking questions

  • Do you need to book in advance?
  • How long have they been in this field?
  • Do they specialize in indoor or outdoor events?
  • Are the packages customizable? 
  • What about a backup plan?

Nervous! You can try to schedule a test run. It will provide you with an overview of what you will get in your wedding album. Most importantly, take your time. You can entrust the best wedding photographers in Kolkata at and safely check off the photographers from your list.