Wedding Photography Guide – Top Tips and Poses for To-Be-Couples!

Weddings are enchanting affairs, and all couples want their fairy-tale piece to be exceptional to save their unique memories in photos forever. Creating unique moments for stunning wedding photos of to-be couples requires special attention to detail and creativity to be right on point. Ensure to find the best wedding photographers to know how to get the best poses for those attractive and drool-worthy pre-wedding photos.

Here are some top tips and poses to ignite your imagination for the best photos of to-be-couples:

Blind Love Fold

OThe surprise element in pictures speaks a thousand words without saying anything. To-be bride putting her hands on the guy’s eyes for blindfolding or vice-versa can create a magical piece of memory. Choose from some experienced photographers in Kolkata to get some splendid shots before the wedding. /p>

Twirling & Click

Dancing poses are always a hit because of the endless possibilities of dance poses. Twirling to-be bride with a gown or lehenga flowing like a flower can make a stunning picture in a pre-wedding shoot. One tip is to choose a dress with a pastel shade or neutral colour to enhance the face and features of the couple even more. Also, choosing an angle from above to get a perfect circle of the dress is a win-win pose.

Forehead Kiss

Sitting on the balcony, gazing at the perfect sunset with the groom kissing the bride on the forehead. Nothing seems better than this serene and simple pose for to-be-couples. Wedding photographers nowadays go to extreme lengths to play with the right angle and frame of this pose, including keeping the backdrop interesting.

Play With The Rings

Engagement rings are a great prop for to-be-couple photography. The key to great pre-wedding photos lies in being creative and utilising things and ordinary props at hand. Pro-tip uses the rings on the sand as a frame for couples in the backdrop hugging or standing together makes a great pose for a picture. Using rings on leaves stem or a rose stem amid a kiss from both is another great alternative.

Shoulders to Shoulders

A signature couple pose is when either one from the couple rests on the shoulder of the other. Another variation is the other one kisses on the head or lays their cheeks on their head. Many photographers in Kolkata are well experienced and can make this simple pose look like a million-dollar pre-wedding photo.


History and photographs can create nostalgic memories that would remain cherished remembrance forever. Pre-wedding photos capture the excitement and surprising expressions of the mystic time before the wedding. Historical monuments as a backdrop create a stunning couple’s photographs.


New dreams of a brand new life together make to-be-couples photographs to have a story of their own. While these emotions are captured and preserved for a lifetime, having unique and attractive poses can add to the fun and creativity.

Wedding photographers and their professional work can become a masterpiece whenever the couple is on the same board discussing these unique poses and options. To hire a professional wedding photographer in Kolkata, visit