Your Wedding Photography Guide : Photoshoot and Pose Ideas for Couples Getting Hitched in 2022

Your Wedding Photography Guide : Photoshoot and Pose Ideas for Couples Getting Hitched in 2022

Is your wedding just around the corner? You must be anxious about capturing all those priceless moments on your Big Day. Ditch that boring wedding pose as 2022 brings a significant upsurge in unique wedding photography styles. 

Basically, wedding photos should be timeless, but sometimes over-polished pictures get far from being generic. And, the concept of looking best in every picture can get nerve-wracking.

Where should you place your arm? How should you smile? Are you going to try any lifts or maybe a peck on the cheeks? 

Both the bride and groom go through a huge rush of emotions, and capturing all these moments can be challenging. But, here’s the trick – Just envision and discuss it with your photographer. These days wedding photographs are not about forced poses anymore. It is more inclined to seize the candid moments that can be capsuled forever.

Let’s hear it from the professionals:

How to pose naturally?

Hold the moment; even if it is “posed candid”, it should last for a few more seconds before it comes to an end. This leaves the essence of something beautiful. If you want to pose while doing something, maybe share a laugh, then don’t stop, continue. Trust your photographer; they have the caliber to capture all your special moments. All you need to do is pose that looks effortless and relaxing.

Bookmark these cute couples poses for your wedding photography:

    1.  Recreate the traditional practice – “Blindfold” Pose

There is a tradition that the groom cannot see his bride before the wedding. So, you can implement that as a pose. It is going to be exciting and memorable. The bride can blindfold her partner from behind as if the groom is about to witness something grand. 

    2. “The First Look” Pose

When the groom looks at her bride, in her gorgeous bridal attire, for the first time – This moment can create a story. It is a fantastic feeling, right before saying “I do”. And, the photographs will be filled with the essence of “Forever and after”.

    3. Go for a “Bird Eyeshot” Pose

Keep something unique or playful. It can be posing with heads together or facing other directions yet trying to get a glimpse of each other. The bride can place her hand on the groom’s cheeks – now that will create a magical moment. This should be captured from a distance, wide-angle and bird’s eye view.

     4. Attempt for “The Gaze” Pose

The bride and groom can gaze into each other’s eyes, and it is bound to set a physical connection and aura of love. Holding hands stand side by side, in complete wedding attire, and perhaps arms around each other would make it picture-perfect.

    5. What about “The Kiss” Pose

If you are a bold bride, you can capture a peck on the lips. It can be flattering yet adorable at the same time. Millennials look for cute poses these days, so a forehead kiss or a kiss on the hand would look like a fairytale. These gestures add volume to the pictures and speak for themselves.

    6. “A Perfect Weather” Pose

Let’s hope for perfect weather on the wedding day. A bewitching sunset would add all the glory to your pictures. Try to construct something unique – if it is raining, then the groom can shield the bride from the rain, maybe with a jacket. And, this would be incredible couple photography. If you are comfortable, then you can shoot a picture, in your wedding attire, on a bridge or maybe in your favorite riverside or park. Walk and talk and leave the rest to the photographers.

Be experimental – Try different poses and angles

The best couple photography acts as a profound inspiration. And, it is not just about creating memory but a reflection of the relationship. If you feel happy, comfortable, and confident, you are bound to glow in your wedding pictures.

Accept that mistakes are quite expected, and in this digital space, you have the chance to fix them. So, do not try to act stiff. Go with the flow and book the best wedding photography in Kolkata at