Best Indian Wedding Photography Trends For 2021

Best Indian Wedding Photography Trends For 2021

The feel of the Indian wedding is similar to that of a festival. The celebration for the togetherness of the couple is exceptional in any terms. Indian weddings being this striking, the wedding photography becomes so pivotal! As the wedding season is here, knowing the best wedding photography trends will be beneficial for the to-be bride & groom.

This article includes the best wedding photography trends in Kolkata for 2021.   

Pre-Wedding Photoshoots

One cannot forget to mention this when talking about wedding photography trend – there has been a huge rise in pre-wedding shoots. 

As the name suggests, the shoot takes place before the wedding. Pre-wedding shoots are special because couples get the freedom to choose the location, clothes, and themes of their desires. As the pre-wedding shoots take place privately, couples do the shoots more comfortably. So, the pre-wedding shoot is a great addition to the wedding album. 

Photoshoot With Props 

Without a doubt, props include that required pop in the wedding shoots. Props provide profound help to the people who struggle with posing and enhance the photo shoots for the people who are born posers. 

There are some conventional props, such as smoking bobs, fairy lights, and confetti, which get most used in wedding shoots. However, couples or photographers can get creative with fun props. 

Drone Photography 

As drones are becoming more accessible, photographers have started using drones progressively. Not only pictures but the videos taken by the drones are exceptional. 

If the photographer seizes the opportunity to get creative, couples get the most beautiful pictures. Drone photography is at its peak because, without it, people miss out on wonderful aerial shots and magical poses.  

Candid Photography  

One of the most known trends on media platforms is candid photography. It is by far one of the best wedding photographs. Couples always tend to share candid pictures more than the traditional ones on social media. 

Why? The seemingly visible purity of emotions melts everyone’s hearts. Candid pictures highlight the joy, the genuine love, and that being the irony, a spontaneous photographer is high in demand. 

Pictures With Loved Ones

Taking pictures with loved ones is more of a ritual than a trend. But lately, the immense joy of friends and family are kept on the focal point. Pictures with loved ones are taken with various themes. Sometimes, some special moments are recreated to capture. 

Or else behind the scenes pictures with family and friends, too, are trendy; because most of those pictures are candid and emotional. 

Detailed Photography 

Taking pictures of tiny cute details is a trend that started with, of course, social media. When it comes to Indian weddings, taking pictures of important rituals is mandatory, but detailed photography focuses on unnoticed details. For example, it includes capturing minor details of the beautiful ambience, dining settings, or the bride’s wedding jewels. 

To conclude, this photography includes taking pictures of tiny details of the wedding environment and props. Because of all the significant number of rituals that a Bengali wedding includes, it is one of the best wedding photography trends in Kolkata. 

Full-On Bollywood Themed Photography 

Bollywood must be mentioned while talking about wedding photography. This one has stayed the trend for years, and it still has the place among the most popular ones. It includes Bollywood themed or influenced pictures. These are the pictures taken with a particular Bollywood theme or the ones that quite resemble the drama and flair of Bollywood.


These trends are the most popular ones. Taking pictures with the trends brings that special touch to your wedding, which makes it more memorable. These trends are here to stay. So, going with any of the above or a combination of them will be extremely beneficial for you. 

Or else, only knowing the best wedding photography trends extract any unnecessary conflicts or drama. For the best wedding photography in Kolkata, you can just hire professionals like