5 Tips for Wedding Photography In Spring

Spring brings joy and a vivid array of colours to our imagination with the mere thought of the word. Creativity is not limited to your vision or ideas when taking stunning wedding pictures. Being creative and innovative with spring wedding photography can be rewarding in terms of remarkable outcome.

Photography in spring is a double treat for the eyes especially, for wedding photography in Kolkata. Check out some stunning ideas that can bring the best from wedding photography in spring.

Go Pastels

Nothing speaks more spring than some pastels colours here and there in your photos. Make use of the blooming patch of the venue as your spring backdrop for the best spring-theme-wedding photographs. Moreover, consult with your photographer to give pastel hues in diffusing lights to get more of the spring theme.

Spring is the season when flowers bloom and shoots grow. What can be the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos than the natural pastel pinks and greens? The change in natural colours allows photographers to get various angles to shoot in different natural lights and colours.

Dramatic Spring Backdrop

Deep shades of green colours enhance the photos million times. Natural venues especially have the best combination of soil, plants, terrain, and trees at your disposal. Get a popping colour of blooming flowers as your backdrop that screams spring in your photos. You do not need to get to the mountains to do so. Just get an artificial wall of spring theme flowers to use as a dramatic backdrop anywhere any season.

Make Colors Your New Best Friend

Colours speak volumes of emotions, especially in a wedding setup. Choose coloured decorative and accents to adorn the wedding venue. Things as simple as pastel-coloured glass votives and jar can instantly enhance your wedding pictures. Add an arrangement of flowers in a vase or any coloured jar as an added vintage touch to your spring wedding.

Blooming Flower Arches & Gates

So, you know by now, flowers equal spring, therefore get your creative head working and ask your florist to build a blooming flower arch for the wedding. Bride and groom can have their couple photos under these arches or flower-gates.

Flower Crown & Accessories

Get hold of your florist yet again to make you some matching flower crown for your bride squad or similar flower pins for the groom side soldiers. Matching accessories makes for some interesting photographs at a wedding. In fact, be bold and opt for a flower skirt to be worn over the traditional wedding attire to add more spring theme to your wedding photos.

What more? Get one for your furry friend too. What more exciting than having your four-legged wear a matching flower crown like yours for stunning photographs.


Get creative with the spring wedding photoshoot in Kolkata by trying these ideas. The spring photography ideas are sure to ignite some creative imagination and inspiration. Spring season accompanies blooming flowers, fresh leaves, and stunning natural changes. The renewal of natural-life can get dramatic photographs to the portfolio photographers. If you are interested in a spring wedding photoshoot, visit https://www.captureind.com/ for further assistance.