Smile for Us, Baby – Tips for Kids Photography

For most people, their ultimate muse are their babies, be it furry or otherwise. Who can blame them? The cutest pictures and content that you come across on your Instagram feed are probably toddlers, pet babies and kids doing funny but innocent things. For professional photographers, however, this is the trickiest bunch to shoot. Kids photography is a special art that requires skills as kids are unpredictable which might look cute but makes it difficult to capture their best angles.

The photographs we carefully keep are a proof of the unconditional love we feel for our loved ones. To make sure you get the best out of your child’s smiles, laughter and more to show off to their friends and embarrass them in the future, we have some wonderful tips for you:

  • Engage them with tasks & activities:  Children get easily involved with tasks and activities they love, like dancing, playing or even simple tasks like playing with their toys. The kids get comfortable and their true joy reflects as they engage in these simple activities that they love.
  • Choose the right background: While clicking the pictures, ensure that you choose a great background for the photoshoot. A textured background in solid colours will compliment your child’s face in case of portraits and highlight their best features.
  • Dress them up: Choose your child’s favourite outfit in the brightest colours to watch them brighten up and smile through your photoshoot. Often, people also go for costumes based on characters or celebrities to add an extra special touch to the shoot.
  • Keep it Candid: Instead of dictating how to behave, stand or smile, let the children run wild and have fun. Their carefree nature is best captured with such candid photography which can never be the case with posed images.
  • Involve the family:  Why should the kids have all the fun? Join the kids and show off the unconditional love, goofy pranks and fun moments shared between siblings or child and parent. Make it a family affair.

If you follow the above tips, you are sure to get some adorable pictures of your little ones. But if you want memories that are picture-perfect, literally, hire professional photographers that are trained in kid photography for themed shoots. Capture has a team of such professional photographers in Kolkata that will ensure that you get the best of pictures with your baby. To have a look at our portfolio or know more about us, visit