Keep it Candid: Tips for Candid Photography

When you look through old pictures of your childhood, the best part of it is the sense of careless abandonment that we had as children who had no worries in the world. As grownups, we worry about our hair being in place, looking too fat, too thin, too pale, too dark. Photography is an art that is supposed to capture memories and help us freeze moments that are too precious to us. Candid photography captures these moments without the forced smiles or fake poses. For this reason, candid photography in Kolkata is becoming increasingly popular, be it for events, themed shoots or weddings

Candid Photography involves capturing people ‘in the moment’ by being spontaneous and catching them off-guard so they don’t have time to particularly compose themselves for the camera. It involves being an invisible eye amongst the crowd. Here are a few ways you can improve your candid photography skills: 

  • Choice of Subject: The best way to click the most candid pictures is to place people with people and capture the relationship. Your subject should be relaxed, natural and enjoying themselves and that’s possible around other humans. Click from different perspectives and while keeping other subjects or objects in the foreground or background for the best effect.
  • Finding the right position: A candid photographer has to be in the right place at the right time, without disturbing the ongoing event. Blend in with the crowd, do not make your presence felt to capture the best candid pictures and ensure you have good lighting and angles from the position.

  • Usage of Flash: When it comes to candid photography, using the flash is an absolute no. The flash can be extremely distracting and ruin a good moment. In case of low lighting, adjust your ISO settings and aperture or choose a different lens as per the situation.

  • Continuous Shots: Take too many shots so you have the choice of choosing the perfect shot from a bunch of options. Keep clicking because often, random gestures make for the best pictures which can only be captured with continuous photography.

  • Usage of Zoom: Your subject is more likely to be natural when you are capturing from a distance. Instead of being up close to your subjects, it is advisable to find a suitable long zoom lens to shoot intimate and relaxed images and capture the vivid details.

The results of traditional photography and candid photography are starkly different from each other. Over the years, there has been a gradual shift from traditional to candid photography in Kolkata. One of the leading photographers in Kolkata, Capture Photography, has been focusing on candid photography that stands out, be it for a wedding, event, or a fun shoot for a while now. To check out their work and contact them, visit