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Wedding Photography: Your Special Day is here!

Nothing is as special as your wedding day and if you’re getting married in India, make it wedding week! A hustling-bustling, chirpy affair that goes on for days, an Indian wedding is properly the most lavish, fun event of one’s life. Capturing the memories of this wedding week is probably the most important task as the pictures are the only tangible proof of this event that changes your life. For that reason, choosing the right wedding photographer is essential. There are many wedding photographers in Kolkata that excel in capturing the best moments of your D-day.

The best way to get snaps that will leave you mesmerised is to hire professional photographers and let them help you out. However, there’s a whole process when it comes to getting the best pictures out of them. Here are some tips when it comes to making sure your wedding memories stand out!

Wedding Aesthetics

No wedding photographer can do much about your photographs if your planning is not on point. A colour scheme for the all functions, the decor, the attire, everything contributes to the picture being taken. Be it a small function or a grand affair, if the aesthetics are right, the pictures & memories seem extra special!

Choose the right Photographer

Choosing the right photographer is essential, depending on your needs. Some excel in candid photography, some are known for their event photography and most photographers have different styles of working. Invest some time in researching these photographers, look at their previous work and decide on a team that suits your needs.

Get to know the Team

Once you’ve chosen your team of photographers and videographers, it is very important to familiarise yourself with the team and get comfortable around them. It also helps if the photography team can visit the venues beforehand and are kept in the loop as per the aesthetics of the wedding.

Enjoy your day

At the end of it all, it is your special time and you should forget about everything and concentrate on having the best time of your life. Leave aside your worries and let the love shine through as you engage in one of the best moments of your life and watch how your photographs will reflect exactly that.

It doesn’t take a lot to get great pictures and proof of your favourite memories once you’ve aced the above steps. If you’ve put a ring on it, finding and securing the right venue and photographer should be your first move. Capture, a team of photographers and videographers are one of the best wedding photographers in Kolkata. They’ve captured many weddings, events and continue to add that zing your wedding. To know about us, visit