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Why Event Photography is an Absolute Necessity

Living in India, we become a part of events from the day we’re born. From baby showers to birthdays, weddings to anniversaries, to any small achievement that is celebrated with our loved ones is an event worth being cherished. The best way to cherish these events? Photographs. Events Photography is probably the most popular form of professional photography that occurs in our country, which celebrates every event and festival with pomp and grandeur. An event photographer’s main job is to stay armed with the skills and equipment to capture memories and emotions.

Why should you go for event photography?

With a smartphone in every hand, it’s very easy to click selfies and get pictures that are definitely worth uploading on social media. But doesn’t the real fun begin when your phones are tucked away? Dancing away to glory, ganging up against friends, the path-breaking presentation at the business meet, they’re best enjoyed without the interruptions of the digital world.

Events Covered by Us

Capture is one of the best wedding photographers in Kolkata. We at Capture, turn your event and memories into a beautiful tale that you can revisit and relive anytime you want. Some of the events that we cover are:
● Pre-Wedding Photography – Capturing the fairy-tale moments from the couple’s lives before their D-Day. These shots capture the passion and love that the couple shares.

● Wedding Videography and Photography – Capturing the array of emotions of the couple and their friends and family on their special day.

● Family Photography – Capturing the lovely bonds and ties shared by people in a family.

● Maternity Photoshoot – Capturing the beauty of maternity that can be cherished for a lifetime.

● Child Photography – Capturing the abundance of love and innocence on a child’s face through our lens.

● Corporate Photography – Covering business events to boost a company’s brand, product or service.

All these events are a part of life and count as the most special memories of one’s life. At Capture, we have own team of people consisting of photographers, editors, staff, etc. to ensure a seamless and consistent service. These photographers have professional knowledge about the technicalities and shots. They show great respect for the guests and produce high-quality images that are beautiful and compelling. Visit Capture Photos and Films at 86A Haute Street Corporate Park or call us on +91 9830059300 to get all your special moments captured and treasured by us for time immemorial.