Keep it Candid: Tips for Candid Photography

When you look through old pictures of your childhood, the best part of it is the sense of careless abandonment that we had as children who had no worries in the world. As grownups, we worry about our hair being in place, looking too fat, too thin, too pale, too…

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Smile for Us, Baby – Tips for Kids Photography

For most people, their ultimate muse are their babies, be it furry or otherwise. Who can blame them? The cutest pictures and content that you come across on your Instagram feed are probably toddlers, pet babies and kids doing funny but innocent things. For professional photographers, however, this is the…

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Wedding Photography: Your Special Day is here!

Nothing is as special as your wedding day and if you’re getting married in India, make it wedding week! A hustling-bustling, chirpy affair that goes on for days, an Indian wedding is properly the most lavish, fun event of one’s life. Capturing the memories of this wedding week is probably…

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Pre-Wedding Photography: Before you say I Do!

D-day is the biggest day of a couple’s life. The days leading up to the big day are full of anticipation and excitement. A common occurrence during the courtship period is a pre-wedding shoot. An extravagant celebration of the wedding occurs months before the actual ceremony with pre-wedding photography. While…

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Why Event Photography is an Absolute Necessity

Living in India, we become a part of events from the day we’re born. From baby showers to birthdays, weddings to anniversaries, to any small achievement that is celebrated with our loved ones is an event worth being cherished. The best way to cherish these events? Photographs. Events Photography is…

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Jab we met – Digitally!

"A recent comparative study suggests that partners who met online were more compatible in their marital relationships than those who met in person. Bizarre, right?" Here, we bring you a love story that stirred up digitally and ended up in a wedding knot in no time! Divya met Nirav online,…

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For Time and All Eternity

Love is not just knowing each other for the longest time but it is also accepting each other for who they are irrespective of the timespan you have shared. We have put together the tale of this young couple whose parents introduced them and they found love in each other…

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The Perfect Blend

We bring you a love story that started in the foothills of Himalayas and ended up in happily ever after! Sidharth met Prarthana on the first day of college during their MBA programme. Prarthana had great poise in her which caught Sidharth’s attention. He wanted to have a conversation with…

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